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Kristin Koefoed is a Philly-based Jersey-grown artist with a passion for vibrant colors and expressive figures. The themes in Kristin's work range from the spiritual to the silly, and are reflective of the artist's genuine enthusiasm for everything, from the Absolute to the Absurd.


Ever seeking to capture elements of that which connects us all, Kristin relies heavily on the use of symbolism and humor. She has designed album covers and gig posters for local musicians and friends, and her work has appeared in Royal Flush Magazine, MHB zine, and McJawn zine, along with exhibits and events in Philly, NYC, LA, Pasadena, San Diego, Miami, and Copenhagen.


In addition to creating art, Kristin also enjoys performing, experiencing live music, escaping into nature, hanging out with animals, and working gigs that allow her to interact with a wide array of people, sharing her interests with the public. Her current part-time exploits include working in a New Age bookstore and teaching classes at a paint-and-sip spot.

"Everyone starts out an artist. Some kids just put down their crayons." ~K.L.K.

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